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Wer sind wir?

TutITALIA web-store belongs to the company I Get a Brand and was founded in 2013 by the businessman and producer Andrey Deltsov and marketer Irina Tsvetinskaya. In different languages, TutITALIA can be translated as "Here is Italy", "You and Italy", "Your Italy", "All Italy". The name reflects the idea of the project: the TutITALIA website presents authentic products of Italian brands.

Andrey Deltsov
Il Titolare
Irina Tsvetinskaya
Commercial Director
Maxim Freund
Server programmer
Iryna Podvoyska
Stanislav Vasenkin
Web programmer
Maria Deltsova
SEO manager
Alessandra Mancini
Support operator
Roman Ivanov
Support operator
Miriam D'Angelis
Photographer, model
Andrés Hidalgo
Delivery department manager
Antonella Calo'
EMS Representative
Daria Litvinova
Support operator

TutITALIA establishes the prices recommended by manufacturers for the European market, which is subject to laws on free competition. To the Italian quality and style, the creators of the project added express delivery all over the world, individual service and secure payment systems, reaching a turnover of more than a million euros by December 2020. Over the years of its activity, and its language versions,,, have preferred more than 35,000 customers from all over the world.

How TutITALIA works

Time is Money

We offer a choice - time or money. If saving money is more important, you can choose free shipping for 1-3 weeks. If you appreciate the time, then you can use fast courier services, which deliver the purchase in a matter of days.

Own photo studio

We believe that the quality of photos is of great importance. The images you see on the TutITALIA site are made in the professional DELIS PRO studio. Goods — their color and shape — in reality look the same as in the photos.

100% safe

We do not skimp on security. To protect the data, the most modern encryption algorithms are used. This guarantees the inviolability of personal data and safe online payments.

TutITALIA Legal Information

TutITALIA FAQ - questions of new customers

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What is the "real price"?

The real price is visible to the Club of Real Prices members. This is a price that has been established in the process of competition in the domestic market of Italy. We regularly examine this market, so the real price varies depending on supply and demand.

More about the Club of Real Prices »

What about delivery guarantees ?

TutITALIA guarantees that the parcel will be delivered on time. All sendings are insured. Delivery is carried out by world-famous courier services, having representative offices in Italy. The probability of loss of the parcel is less than 0.001%, but even in case of this rare failure you have no risk as we will refund the full cost of the order.

Why there are no reviews about you on the Internet ?

Almost all the reviews you see on the Internet are paid services of various agencies, that are affiliated with the search engines. With the help of sms and email-mailings the agency collects reviews from online stores customers, and sends them to the search engine. "The objectivity" is paid by the online store. We do not use these services.

Do I need to pay customs fees ?

There will be no customs fees if the cost of your purchase is less than the limit of duty-free importation established in your country. These limits are different in all countries. For example, in the United States this is 800 $, in Japan 10.000 ¥. Please check the detailed information on the website of your country's Customs Service.

Why does not the coupon work ?!

1. The coupon will not work if you are not logged in. Please sign in to account.
2. Maybe you are trying to apply a coupon to a product from SALE category. For such goods, coupons do not work.
3. Coupons received in the quiz are valid for an order worth more than 199 €.
4. Maybe you made a mistake entering the code?

How to return the goods?

If you did not like the purchase, or found a marriage, you can apply for a refund within 14 days after the date of delivery. If the defect appeared later, then we will have to send the goods to the factory for examination. The money will be refunded to the same card or bank account from which payment was made, within 10 days after the approval of the return.

Where is your company located ?

Our warehouse and office are located in the city of Saludecio (Emilia-Romagna region, Rimini province), 15 km from the Adriatic coast. All commercial activities are conducted on the territory of Italy. We are tax residents of Italy.

TutITALIA - real customers feedback

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